Sunday, August 22, 2010

"is asks me to invest in the piece and it's invisible power"

Adam Farcus - To Bloom Out (efflorescence) 2010


Adam Farcus - Untitled (rock, candle, candleabra, ball bearing, and table) 2010



two new pieces of a few that i installed in my bedroom at ACRE. the first one is made of efflorescence, more on that here. i had a pretty great studio visit with Anthony Elms at 9am today. we talked a lot about the object in this space - and how the objects transform and alter the read of the space - and how these objects would be way different in a gallery space. mostly they wouldn't be as slippery or hidden. i'm working on a poem in response to our studio visit, Anthony's awesome lecture/performance last night, and issues i've been dealing with for a while now (mainly spirituality and poetry).

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