Saturday, December 18, 2010

xmas curse and ∞

Don't Open 'Till
tag, ribbon, paper, box, curse

i'm not the Grinch, each year i make an 'i really dislike xmas' piece (sometimes a few). i don't let my thoughts on the holiday ruin it for everyone (thereby, this year's piece is fairly conceptual, and only exists on my blog). but the looks on everyone's faces for this gift would be pretty amazing. also, here's a fitting poem by Michael Earl Craig:


A man falls in a parking lot, he
has been out Christmas shopping.
His eye is right down there,
down there against the asphalt.
When he opens his eye he sees a crack.
A regular thin crack in the asphalt.
Cars go around him. He won't get up.
For it is Christmas.

He looks directly into this crack.
He does not shy away.
What he sees there even a poet could not pretend to translate.

The edges of the crack bend his eyelashes a bit.
It is cold out and the various shoppers
drive left and right, around him.

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