Sunday, April 10, 2011

everyday magic

Spencer Finch - West (Sunset in my motel room, Monument Vally, Janurary 26, 2007, 5:36 - 6:06pm) (9 channel synchronized video installation) 2007

"I tell him to turn his television toward the wall to study the walls for imperfections and those could be his mother and father and the stain on the ceiling could be his sisters and maybe the warped floorboard squeaking and squeaking is his grandfather talking stories...
That's how I do this life sometimes by making the ordinary just like magic and just like a card trick and just like a mirror and just like disappearing."
-Sherman Alexie, from Jesus Christ's Half Brother is Alive and Well on the Spokane Indian Reservation

Mona Hatoum - Home (wood, stainless steel, electric wire, lightbulbs, dimmer unit, amplifier, and two speakers) 1999

"Where kids in kapok ice-skate and play at Secret City as the sun
Sets before dinner, the snow on fields turns pink and under the
hatched ice
The water slides darkly and over it a never before seen liquefaction
of the sun
In a chemical yellow greener than sulphur a flash of petroleum by-
Unbelievable, unwanted and as lovely as though someone you knew
all your life
Said the on inconceivable thing and then went on washing dishes:
the sky
Flows with impersonal passion and loosening jet trails (eyes tearing
from the cold)"
-James Schuyler, from Crystal Lithium

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