Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christianity, made through humble means

These are all photographs of thing that I have found, or sought out - in the case of the altar. Although I was baptized and confirmed Methodist, I don't hold allegiance to any Christian faith. My past, and my family's history, does influence my thoughts on this subject. But, I am largely interested in Christianity as a transformative power, and as a model for making (my) art.

carved tree outside a of factory building, along Lake St, near Damen Ave, Chicago

Highway Church of God in Christ, along Van Burn St, near Leavett St, Chicago (the church faces I-290)

roadside monument, along Halsted St, near Cermak Rd, Chicago

altar to Mary (who's image was found in a water stain on the cement wall here), along Fullerton Ave, under the I-90/94 overpass, Chicago

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