Sunday, July 17, 2011

exit through the vomiting

i just finished watching Exit Through the Gift Shop, with a glass of wine. i have to say first: i like some graffiti art (when it's smart, or fun, or original), and even do some of my own, but there is something about the story of Mister Brainwash (Thierry Guetta) that makes me feel physically uncomfortable, sicky. like i fear becoming him.

still from Exit Through the Gift Shop

the way he functions as an artist, and the money he spends, seems anti- everything i think an artist should be. he seems to be fully and blindly absorbed in the "hype", decadence, and glamor of being an artist (or rather, a sensation). in graffiti, and art, i hope to see (and strive in myself) for passion, and at least critique - this guy's practice (after his "film-making") seems completely devoid of all of this. but hey, maybe Banksy wanted to make him look like a fool. either way, i need to purge these gross feeling by reading some soulful work (i recently bought Sherman Alexie's, Ten Little Indians), thoughtful making, and love.

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