Thursday, October 20, 2011


an idea to be explored:
a portrait of my immediate family and me
- Sears portrait? Photoshopped?
printed large (24" x 36")
placed in a large, hand-made, frame made of yard-sticks
-or all photos stuck in the frame of a yard-stick framed mirror (see below)
with other photos & memorabilia stuck in the edge of the frame (old and new)

(frame found on flickr)

 Kerry James Marshall - Untitled (Mementos) (c-print) 1998 [from the MCA collection]

my dad and mom in the hospital, right before i was born (i found this in my parent's basement a long time ago)

a Sears family portrait found on Google

Coal City High School Art Club at the Morris, IL Wal*Mart

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