Friday, September 21, 2012

so death is really heavy...

a lot of my works shares a common root in its attention to death (or mortality). it has been a conscious and central focus of my projects for a while now - and i'm noticing a major issue with this. death is a heavy subject, and obvious. the trick is to do something new with it - and i'm using this post as a display of research into how to make death more... fun, accessible, and less heavy-handed.

David Shrigley - Cat with No Head (taxidermy) 2006

this David Shrigley piece is a pretty perfect example of the type of sentiment i am interested in here, but there are a few more:

Harald Naegeli - Death Series (Cologne, Germany) 1981

graffiti in Paris, France

John Rainbow - Death Cloud (acrylic, pen, and collage on paper)

Royal Art Lodge - Untitled (Come Drown)

Edward Gorey - K

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