Monday, July 15, 2013

inconceivable magic

"Where kids in kapok ice-skate and play at Secret City as the sun
Sets before dinner, the snow on fields turns pink and under the
      hatched ice
The water slides darkly and over it a never before seen liquefaction
      of the sun
In a chemical yellow greener than sulfur a flash of petroleum by-
Unbelievable, unwanted and as lovely as though someone you knew
      all your life
Said the one inconceivable thing and then went on washing dishes:
      the sky
Flows with impersonal passion and loosening jet trails (eyes tearing
      from the cold)"

-James Schuyler, from The Crystal Lithium

It is really hot here, the heat index is above 100 during the day.

This is one of the times that can yield wonderful surprises - everyone is trying to avoid the heat and wishing they were somewhere else (including me), causing people (and myself) to mentally be "somewhere else." In spite of our will to avoid the world it is still turning, making, dying, happening, and creating - this is why surprises happen now (as they can any time). But, it has to be the kind of surprise that is so great it takes us out from our hiding places and shows us that even an unwanted world can be beautiful, making the event that much more magical.... "the one inconceivable thing and then went on washing dishes"

Jason Dodge - The Mayor is sleeping (a pillow that has only been slept on by the mayor of Numberg) 2012

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