Friday, April 25, 2014


4/25, 11pm
I wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck. I was dangling it in front of my shirt and the cat was watching. (Thinking of it as someone else's necklace and charm, it changed into some kind of amulet on a leather strap around a man's neck. The man is in a cave lit my torches, like an Indiana Jones film. A young boy rips the necklace off and runs. The amulet now resembles a black ink-jet printer cartridge, but with an open area that the leather cord passes through. He pulls the cord out and tosses it. The amulet begins to hum and the open area shrinks. He sticks his finger in the hole to stop it from closing up. It is painfull, but he won't take his finger out because if the hole closes up it will be the end. The only way to get his finger out is to stab the tip of it with a sharp stick and push his finger out. The amulet closes on the bloody stick. The stick is brittle - any attempts to remove it result in leaving only smaller pieces of wood in the hole. So, the wood pieces have to be pushed out with a tapered metal rod. Now the opening is big again, with the sharp steel cone through it. The sharp end of the cone is filed down to a flat plain. Now the metal can be pulled out and the hole will suddenly collapse. In this instance the universe ended.)

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