Saturday, October 18, 2014

Conceptual Expressionists, part 2

Becky Beasley - Buan, Night (Level 1) (acacia hardwood, black glass) 2006

Brian Kapernekas - Owl (mortor, pigment, straw, horsehair, twine, wood and nails) 2007

Laura Judkis - Phobia Box (wood, latex paint) 2013

Helen Mirra - Forest, vestige of; which doesn't actually look vestigal at all, 74 (shipping pallet, wool blanket) 2007

Roger Hiorns - Untitled (atomized passenger aircraft engine) 2008

William Pope L. - Correct (from the Semen Picture series) (c-print) 2005-2006

Abraham Cruzvillegas - The Invincible (rock, feathers, and mixed media) 2002

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