Thursday, December 18, 2014

heat shrink tubing

things that, as of yet don't have, titles... but have a lot of potential 

[materials (so far) - dried mango, cock rings, sheathing, pig hoof, weather alert radio (cut), Starbucks dark roast coffee beans, broken shingles, compass, chicken feet, glacial float copper, light bulb, memory card, liquid tight 90 degree tube, plywood, heat-shrink tubing, and hardware]

[references - snakes, staff/stick/charm, Jim Lambie, Andr√© Cadere, time capsules]

:: cache :: lay by :: salt away ::
catalog + time capsule + rations = ???
:: kit :: list :: stock :: survival :: permanence :: share :: store :: measure :: dole ::
diviner (too to the point, but a nice title)

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