Friday, January 9, 2015

Polaroids: two churches

4/21/05 - St. Louis, near CAMSL 

5/7/07, 6:50pm - Night Chapel on Livingston County Rd. 2250 N near 700 E

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The first church is probably still there, as is proven by Google Street View in September 2014. 

This church, created by Theodore C. Link and originally named the Garrison Avenue Baptist Church, was used for an installation, titled Chorus, by Sebastian Hungerer and Rainer Kehres for the Pulitzer Foundation's project "The Light Project."

The "Nigh Church" that I found on a rural road outside of Pontiac, Illinois, (technically Amity Township) did not faired as well. The screen-captures below are from Google Street View, circa September 2009 - two years after my photographs.

The graveyard looks to be in good shape, but the church has collapsed and all that remains is ruble, the roof, and some make-shift barriers that someone set up. has the site listed as "Nigh Chapel Cemetery" (AKA Scattering Point Cemetery) and it evidently has a one Civil War and two Spanish-American War vets buried there. It is located at 40.952533, -88.781180. And on Google Earth the chapel is completely gone.

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