Friday, May 15, 2015

Dots and Lines

[left] Adam Farcus & Moriah Russo - 32 - 31 (acrylic on canvas) 2015
[right] Josh Almond & Adam Farcus - 27 - 36 (acrylic on canvas) 2015
[both wins for me]

Adam Farcus & Olivia Zuk, 38 - 24 (acrylic on canvas) 2015
[a loss for me] 

Adam Farcus & David Matteson, 34 - 29 (acrylic on canvas) 2015
[a loss for me]

Josh Almond working on our Dots and Lines painting

Dots and Lines Rules:
For two players. Each player picks one color of paint to use. Players take turns joining two horizontally or vertically adjacent dots by a line. A player that completes the fourth side of a square (a box) colors that box and paints another line. When all boxes have been colored, the game ends and the player who has colored more boxes wins. The title of each of the paintings will be the score from the game. The winner keeps the painting.

Each painting I lose is documented in-situ. Each painting I win I document professionally. If exhibited this project will be displayed with a combination of paintings [those which I won] and photographs of paintings [I lost].

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