Thursday, June 18, 2015

ball lightning dance


Anonymous; Nature, 126:153, July 26, 1930.

     August 1, 1907. Ball Lightning of Alpena, Michigan.---On August 1, 1907 during a heavy shower with thunder and lightning, a ball of lightning about six to eight inches in diameter entered a house. It dropped lightly to the floor, moved round the room in circles, then entering the wall, moved up inside it and came out a few feet above the window. A four-inch brace was splintered and much plaster was forced into the room. The ball then travelled across the room again and out the other wall, making a ragged hole. It struck into the earth about 30 feet from the house, leaving a hole about 6 inches wide an a few inches deep.

-from Strange Phenomena: A Sourcebook of Unusual Natural Phenomena, compiled by William R. Corliss, 1973

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