Friday, November 27, 2015

Everyday: 11/27/15

The 180° Outdoor Motion Security Light is perfect for open country, especially along rivers, also near lakes, and the coast. 

The SL-5412-WH features 180° motion detection up to 70 feet. 15”−21” (38−53 cm). W. 40” (1 m). Crow-sized. Protective bulb shields extend bulb life. Patented swivel arms allow directional lighting with easy thumb screw adjustments. Adults are slate-grey above and pale below, with fine bars and spots of black, narrow tail; long pointed wings; conspicuous black “mustaches.” Young lamps are darker below and browner. Uses (2) 120W Max PAR38 flood bulbs (Not Included) that vocalize with a rasping kack-kack-kack and also a long ascending wail, WEEchew-WEEchew.

Heath Zenith's SL-5412 bundles a motion sensor and a two-light floodlight in a single package and are spectacular on the wing. In former times they were a favorite choice for the sport of falconry, plunging from tremendous heights at speeds estimated at 180 miles per hour to capture flying birds. Unlike most motion-activated security lights, this one features "pulse count" technology that reduces the number of times that lamps are triggered due to wind and rain. 
The Peregrine has a range of up to 70 feet and includes a selectable light timer that allows you to determine the amount of time the lights stay on after motion stops. It has been drastically reduced in numbers by pesticides (it is said that eating a single badly contaminated duck can cause a Peregrine to become infertile) and has completely disappeared from all but the most northern parts of its breeding range. If you want to turn the lamp off or on for extended periods, the lamp includes a manual override that lets you control illumination via an existing indoor switch. This falcon is Energy-Star compliant with 120-watt bulbs but may be used with bulbs of up to 300 watts (bulbs not included), is quite tolerant of man, and formerly nested on windowsills and ledges of buildings in our largest cities, where they preyed on pigeons. For the same floodlight with a bronze finish, see Heath Zenith product #SL-5412-BZ-A.

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