Wednesday, November 17, 2010


a lot of poetry can probably be read with Gabriel Orozco's work, but i have run across one Orozco-conjuring poetic instance in particular today. from Leaf-Stalks by Ágnes Nemes Nagy, a poem that describes the beauty in the fractals of a tree.

"Who sees the designs of trees? Appearing readily in material form behind the leaves, the web of sticks, stalks and tendons; precision ticking, raising and placing the leaves in position; accurate to the last mm. no matter how high it is raised. Precisely as far as the light. Each to it's proper place, to the geometrical point it must occupy. Whose concern is this transaction between branch and leaf, who is concerned with the network of auxiliary lines? With the precision hidden within the pathos of this leafy crown which is length, angle, and direction?"

Gabriel Orozco - Light Though Leaves (iris print) 1996

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