Sunday, November 14, 2010

over-emphasized poetic tropes

I don't understand why some poets (it seems like the old ones) read poetry with wispy, drawn-out, voices. This type of reading seems to wildly emphasize words to the extent that the filigree and over-design of the reading gets in the way of the poem. I can't help but think what Alfred Loos would think of this. Don't words carry their own emphasis? Because poets are working in a publicly exclusive medium anyway, shouldn't they try to open up their work for the widest audience? - by making at least the tone/feel/meter accessible. I have been to five readings in the past week, and two (by Naomi Nye and Linda Gregerson) have read in this manner. This way of reading doesn't keep my attention and at times seems like a parody of itself.
Here is one that follows a speech patter that seems normal. James Schuyler - Freely Espousing. Recording of this poem as read by the author.

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