Thursday, April 26, 2012

in corners, in squares

Lisa Fishman
from "Current"


the wind to the shape of the wind
the wind to the turn of the wind
the corn grows in corners, in squares
the roads too
In a fell swoop the school came down
the mind at fault, the bricks
could be pictured there
Had been looking around in the time
around the time, may want to say chime
or the name of the cat’s Tom Horne In the Chanterelles
the fluted mushrooms—nothing known
to be that orange
Often in love
with two or more guests in attendance,
the field has a particular, imaginary charge
my dear
The foxtail by the road resembles foxes’ tails specifically but briefly
in a light also fox-colored, didn’t mean
to write it down

* * * * *

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