Sunday, April 22, 2012

sails and stones

when i read about art or theory i often substitute nouns and verbs to make the statement into something about me and my practice. thus, i turn

"palimpsest-like surfaces — evidence of her working everything out on the canvas"
-from John Yau's review of Katherine Bradford's exhibition.

into, palimpsest-like surfaces: evidence of working everything out on the piece. which leads me to this piece:

 i don't have a title yet, but i know it's about moving/traveling (as i'll be moving to Baltimore very soon) - hence the sail shape; luck and charms (the stones and beads); and ephemerality. i've also been thinking about, and looking at, the Cy Twombly sculptures at the Art Institute a lot. perhaps i should say that there is some Dan Gunn, Ian Hamilton Finlay, and maybe even some Rashid Johnson in there too.

i've made 4 of these things now and i'm gunna make more. i like how loose, fun, and expressive these things are - but i'm bothered by what this means. so it comes with some great insight that i find Yau's review of Bradford's paintings, which caries this pertinent quote near the end:

"one should not be surprised by how many artists find a way to be a conceptual artist that paints."

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