Friday, December 14, 2012

project notes

i'm about to switch to a new pocket notebook, so i'm writing down some of my most recent project ideas here. feel free to steal them because most of them won't see the light of day.


holding my computer in the woods with my webcam on (with a cartoon burning digital frame)
-spinning around (infinite loop)
-"Downward Spiral""  [maybe too NIN]

Deluge (295feet 11inches)
-title for the buoy piece (the part in parenthesis is the exact height above sea level that the installation is - 295ft 11in is my apartment)

 ! [stupid title? or stupid title!]
painted wood or acrylic map of Greenland, mounted to the wall
-with the summer 2012 melt data on it

flag/semaphore/distress signal
-from an Atmosphere (or other) song

Cold Nights
flash photograph of a sidewalk monument at night while it's snowing
-snow will be frozen in the photograph like stars
-with people?

flatt/2D wind-chime cut out of wood or metal

recreate the neighborhood sign at Old York and 39th
-class & race assumptions, segregation, security, safety

Folding the Map
ocean video, radio tuned to WWV, ghost summoned by a seance

collage made with odd shapes from cutting a map so that it has no text (context)
-no location, only the signs of location

red-wing blackbird song/call poem
-written out phonetically, then changed through free association (to protection and/or talismen)

window iron decorative security bar(s) with cement base (like what is used for temporary stop signs)

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