Friday, December 7, 2012

the light in baltimore is always mediated

a beautiful sunset through my blinds

light reflected off of cars in parked along the street (the red is a reflection from a tail-light)

it seems like my (and our) experience of baltimore so far has been one of loneliness and seclusion. we're in a new place, most of our good friends are really far away, we don't feel completely safe here, work here has been stressful, and the art community doesn't compare to chicago. creatively i am still able to find what i need - i never have really had a problem with that - but here it is more hermetic. these two images are perfect examples of that. here are two beautiful phenomena that are caused by the outside world, but my experience of them is mediated by the one place Allie and i have found some comfort - our house. the work i've been focusing recently refers a lot to this unsettled-ness that i've (we've) been feeling. lots of allusions to security grates, wandering, protection, confusion, and dislocation have been coming up. i know how i work - either i'll work through it or we'll move before i get there. either way this new setting and brain-mode (for lack of better words) has been an ok trip for my studio so far.

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