Tuesday, January 29, 2013

magical, native, and natural "other"

Native Americans are still the magical other, yet most people understand that blackface is fucked up and offensive. It's strange how understanding is only extended to certain people(s). I guess it is about access to power and voice. Native Americans aren't given much time or attention. This type of stuff makes me sad. More of this set of photos, by Three Nails Photography, here. Also, I posted some related images of ill-advised school art projects a while ago, here.

I feel like I need to balance out this post a bit.

Edgar Heap of Birds - Beyond the Chief (sign, installed in Urbana, IL) March, 2009

Jimmie Durham - Pocahontas' Underwear (mixed media) 1985

Brian Jungen - Beer Cooler (cooler, beer cans) 2002

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