Friday, August 23, 2013

preparing for the flood

Nestled in the hills
of western Maryland
along a busy
Interstate 68,
a modern-day
Noah's Ark is being
built as a sign to the
world of God's love
and the soon
return of Jesus.
This undertaking
is drawing the
attention of people
from all corners
of the world.
-God's Ark of Safety Ministry website
*I argue that this is a great, if obvious, metaphor for sea level change and the fear surrounding it - as a sign of people looking for a symbolic rescue.

Also from the God's Ark of Safety Ministry website:
Is there another flood coming and will this Ark float? 
         In Genesis 9, God made a promise with Noah that He would never destroy the earth by water again.  This Ark is not being built to float or because of another flood, but as a sign of God’s love and Jesus’ soon return.
I saw this on the way back to Baltimore from Chicago a week ago, and (possibly) as a piece I need to go back here and take some photos of this thing - only part of the super-structure is built, so it looks like the photo above.

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