Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady Gaga Parking Lot

Lady Gaga. February 28, 2011. United Center, Chicago.
On the release day of Lady Gaga's self-perpetuating origin-story video for Born This Way, Allie and I ventured down to the United Center to take in the spectacle and fandom of Gaga's current tour. None of the fans we saw had picked up on the costumes or themes from this new video (kitschy-Halloween-esque skeletons, "infinite birthing" of good and evil, or pink triangles) but every other iteration of her persona was present, often more than once. (We did only see one amazing meat dress!) Overall we were struck by how normal this seemed to be. It was like most other concerts I have been too. But, maybe that fits for Gaga's basic message: everyone should be themselves. Surprisingly, the overwhelming population of this crowd, by our observation, were white and middle-class (sub-urban even).

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