Sunday, February 13, 2011

On Rejection

[3*] proposal image for RC Rat, a cardboard rat that moves by a remote control car

My work has recently be subjected to, what I feel to be, unfair judgment. In one instance a month ago an artist (with whom I will be exhibiting with in the future) made the comment that he preferred to install his more straightforward gallery work (paintings) as to not look "tricky or cute," like my art evidently does. Perhaps his intention was not be judgmental, but in that case then the wording in his comment was ill-chosen. I think I'll just have to find a way to forget about this.

More recently I was asked to put some work up at the Coal City High School (my home-town school) art fair; as a 'visiting artist.' I made concessions in my work to show pieces that are more accessible. I chose three pieces [1, 2, 3*]. 1 and 2 where denied by the art teacher for the expectation that the "powers that be" would not accept them as art enough for the $100 stipend. All of this censoring, mine and the teacher's, has happened even before anything was proposed to the dean, principle, board, etc.

I feel like I am being unfairly judged here; I mean geez, these are not Andreas Serrano photographs. But, as a teacher of art students (many of which are non-art-majors) I fully understand the alienation that comes with much of contemporary art. Thereby, I am writing a second proposal for the art fair: "What is Contemporary Art?: With Adam Farcus". In this I will have a few pieces installed around a small desk with chairs where I will answer any and all questions about art (to the best of my ability) that anyone may have. I will bring with me 2 written pieces as 'take-aways.' Both are by the wonderful Terry Barrett: Principles of Interpretation and Approaches to Postmodern Art-making.

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